MSKY Membership Program

Australia’s Leading & Most Exclusive Flight Membership

MSKY Membership

Australia’s most elite Membership Travel service & only one of its kind. For the frequent flyer – a tailored service specifically for you. Guaranteed access servicing your most demanding needs.

Acquire block of hours and pay less per hour than anywhere else. Even on our bigger and new planes. While others charge memberships fees and higher hourly rates, or offer Memberships on a “semi-private service”, at MSKY, you only pay less for when you fly more and gain access to the most exclusive events & receive priority notification on our flight specials.

*Increase benefits further by becoming a concierge member with our partners at the Butler Group (Additional Cost).

Membership benefits

Guaranteed aircraft availability

Our branded fleet is the largest Australia wide. Acquired new and replaced under warranty. Safest, securest & most Hygienic.

Pricing transparency with no hidden costs

No membership or commission fees. No hidden costs, and cheaper than flying on-demand anywhere else.

All the perks, without the hassle

All the benefits of owning your own aircraft without the nuisance of ongoing high costs for maintenance and staff fees. No depreciating and no capital risks.

Easy access & flexibility

Access 24/7/365 with as little as 24hrs notice. (Same day flight bookings are available). Flexible change or cancellation policy. Upgrade to MJET’s fleet on a once-off, or permanently.

Experienced crew

A highly experienced crew that understands your personal requirements.

Free flight opportunity

Free Empty Legs flights on all FLYM (even MJET’s) fleet when available.

How to become a member

Use the contact form below to contact us today and speak to us direct. Select the desired hours you want to acquire for a year. We will work with you to achieve that. A typical amount is 25 or 50 hours. There’s a 12-month expiry but we let you keep any unused hours with a new subsection, or if there are a small number of hours left.

For every flight you do, we will deduct the hours until it gets to zero.

And that’s it. Simple and easy. You receive lower fixed pricing to fly private and gain access to so many benefits, concierge membership with the Butler Group, and with our exclusive MSKY Membership – Australia’s leading & most Exclusive Jet Club.

Memberships are limited for exclusivity

Extra benefits

All membership programs come with complementary membership with the Butler Group. Adding further all-round benefits and access to the most exclusive VIP Events. Travel; agent for your next getaway. Or, when you just have something or someone special needed taken care of – the Butler Group will attend to all your needs and desires, with the leading service.

There’s just so much available at Australia’s most Exclusive Membership Program.

Tailor your membership program

To become a member please contact us directly using the form below. Membership is exclusively limited.

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